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Far Out Collective
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Far Out Collective

Kate  Owner and founder of the Far Out Collective.

Owner and founder of the Far Out Collective.



Barbara  Customer Relations manager / Photographer

Customer Relations manager / Photographer



Our Values

Sustainability is very important to us. We have an impact just being here on our planet, let’s try to make it a good one. We go green on the daily.

  • We compost and recycle.

  • We use second hand furniture and make a lot of things by hand.

  • We do not use any chemicals in the hotel.

  • We do our best to use the least packaging possible.

  • We love our 4 legged friends.

  • We buy local, using as many organic and artisan products as possible.

  • We respect our neighbours and local people.

  • We collaborate with local businesses

Our History

Far Out Inn began in 2004, based in the former home of Dick Whittington in rural Gloucestershire. After two years we set sail for the Hawaiian island of Maui. Here we hosted hundreds of guests from around the world for eight years. In 2013 we said a hui ho to Hawaii after discovering the hidden jewel of Spain, San Sebastián, we fell deeply in love with the beautiful Basque coast and moved Far Out Inn back to Europe. To compliment the sophistication of the city we looked south for the most authentic place we could find. Monchique defines slow travel, a rural location deep in the magic mountains of the Algarve.  Far Out Oasis was born in 2017. 

We want you to feel at home. Not your home, but that of good friends. A colourful bohemian house, full of vintage pieces each with their own unique story. As your good friends, we are here to ensure you leave with the memory of a lifetime. We would like you to join our Far Out Collective and hope to see you again and again.