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My name is Stefanie, I believe that nature and our own self healing possibilities are the strongest remedy when it comes to psychological or physical disease. Within my work I will support you in activating these powers and help you learn how to use nature´s cures for yourself. I love my work and what I do. This is possibly my greatest source of strengh. My empathy helps me provide a bespoke form of therapy for the individual. I am grateful for the trust people have in me and proud of my free and healthy life. I invite you to let me help you become the person you deserve to be which is already inside you.


A light and flowing treatment. Smooth strokes of the skin and muscle system will relax your body and mind. 

De-stress and uplifting and body awareness are the main focuses in this holistic body treatment. Including head and face massage, suitable for pressure-sensitive people,
or those who suffer from rheumatism or varicose veins. For trauma patients, anxiety and depression. Supporting the lymphatic system. 45 € per hour 90 mins 75 €.


A deep tissue version of the "Energetic Touch" treatment. My " Deep Release and Relax Treatment" releases tension, fascial and muscular pain and myogelosis.
If we are under pressure and stress our body gives us indication of muscular pain and tension, this can appear in different parts of our body.
However the symptoms appear, this treatment will bring you to consciousness about your physical and emotional stress and where this is hidden in your body.
50 € per hour 90 mins 80 €.


This treatment supports the detoxification of the body and relaxation of the mind. Different parts of the body can be stimulated by massaging the reflexology points of your feet.
We start with a relaxing foot bath while I have a close look into your iris, followed by a personalised reflexology treatment for your feet, nurturing the whole body and mind. 30 € for 40 mins


The natural healing power of herbs and essential oils is an ancient knowledge. Together we will create the most personal treatment for you and choose from a variation of essential oils
to create a personalised oil for your treatment. I use vegan and sustainable natural cosmetics, creams and oils from Ringana in my treatments. 45 € per hour.